We make suits, that track how the user moves.

We create motion capture suits that easily capture full-body movement. These suits connect to your phones or smartwatches and stream data to the cloud, where it's processed to generate a full-body analysis. This analysis helps identify inefficiencies in performance, training, and rehabilitation.


Revolutionize Athlete Training with Biomechanics

Our products provide a scientific edge to athlete training, with a focus on biomechanics. Our goal is to minimize disruption to regular operations in training grounds while offering insights that can help athletes, coaches, and organizations improve performance.

Mocap Garments

These garments have the ability to capture the full range of motion of an athlete's body, allowing for a more accurate analysis of their movements.

Workload Management

Professional teams, sports institutions, S&C coaches and physios use workload management to save rehab costs, enable longer careers, and nurture talent.

Sports Specific Analysis

Real-time analytics can help coaches, teams, and academies understand players' strengths and weaknesses and improve performance.


Dashboards provide professional sports teams with a concise summary of athlete data, enabling data-driven decisions, improving training processes and maximizing athlete performance.

The Wearable

Our compression wear is tailored to the size of every athlete, providing unparalleled comfort and support. Meanwhile, our Bluetooth-based motion capture devices capture full-body motion in 3D, weighing less than 100g and are designed for minimal disruption.


The Tech

Our state-of-the-art motion analytics engine transforms motion capture data into actionable, tunable bio-mechanical metrics. These include workload analysis of major muscle groups, efficiency of kinematic sequences, total movement of every bone in the body, and sport-specific techniques.

The Interface

  • Analyze the bio-mechanics of the player for every technique executed.

  • Keep track of S&C metrics like the total work done by each muscle group of the body and the total movement during a session.

  • Pro dashboards to analyze inter-personal and intra-personal metrics across different players and over time.



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